About Us

About us

Welcome to Auden & Avery

Auden & Avery was born out of necessity. As home stagers, we saw a gap in the market for reasonably priced high-end furniture. In the past, when we have purchased pieces for our company, it was difficult to justify the cost of most luxury brands; so we jumped at the opportunity to be able to provide lower-priced merchandise with the same quality! We’ve sourced beautiful quality furniture and cut out the middleman to bring you on-trend pieces at significantly lower price points. That’s Auden & Avery…happy shopping.

Cutting Out the Middleman to Make Decor Items Affordable for All!

All of our items have been hand-selected for a modern and upgraded look and lasting quality. We understand that decor can be an investment, but that doesn’t mean that it has to cost a fortune to get the character and charm you deserve. By cutting out the middleman, we can pass along the savings to our customers.

Redesigning the Availability of High-End Furniture to Make It Accessible for You!

We use the decor items on this site to stage luxury homes, and over the years, we’ve repeatedly been asked whether the homeowners can purchase our pieces once the home sells. In the past, we have had to turn those purchase requests DOWN because our items have come at a cost that is not easily replaceable. Our mission is to change all that. Auden & Avery is redesigning the availability of high-end furniture to make it accessible to all, one piece at a time.