Rattan: the lasting trend

We’ve all seen the trend of rattan furniture and accent pieces grow over the last couple years. Some of us may feel like it’s a blast from the past as it was majorly popular in the 1950s; and it was the most popular interior design trend in the 1970s (think boho styles); but where did it originate?

The first woven rattan known to be found is from the ancient Egyptians. It's reported that archaeologists have even found Egyptian wicker to be made out of rattan and swamp grasses.

Rattan furniture took the stage in the ‘modern’ world in the late 1800s during the Victorian Era due to it’s unique look compared to (at the time) traditional carved wood furniture. At that time rattan offered a simpler and quicker way to create furniture and was more durable than other materials, like bamboo. It was also more affordable compared to wood or medal. 

The first rattan company was called Wakefield Rattan Company and was founded in 1851 by Cyrus Wakefield known as ‘the father of the wicker industry’.


Published November 30, 2016 at 1425 × 1015 in The Wakefield Rattan Industry

Fun Fact: Post the 1970’s trend there is a unique era of rattan dubbed the “Golden Girls Era” circa 1980-1990. During this time rattan furniture like the fan arm chairs used on the show spurred a new desire for rattan furniture decorated with tropical prints.  

To us, rattan will never go out of style BUT if you need some convincing it's easy to look at history and see why it's such a desired and reliable material for furniture. Rattan is an investment and one we can stand behind. Want to add some pieces to your home? Come shop with us at Auden and Avery