Rattan: It's for the long haul.

One of the main concerns when it comes to rattan furniture, especially high impact pieces such as patio chairs or kitchen stools, is how to repair it if something happens to damage it. 

A huge bonus to rattan pieces is the durability. Rattan is highly durable, flexible and lightweight making it a great choice for a long term investment piece. However with any furniture wear and tear and damage over the years is bound to happen.

Rattan furniture blemishes can easily be replaced with, you guessed it, replacement rattan. You can purchase rattan pieces in many forms from craft warehouses.

The steps are pretty basic and almost anyone can touch up a piece if needed.

  • Clean the furniture with a bit of dish soap and water.
  • Cut any loose ends that are needed or secure them down with a small drop of super glue. If you want extra pliability use a hair dryer to warm up pieces.
  • Cut your replacement pieces as needed.
  • Soak your replacement pieces in water for 30-60 min.
  • Re-weave or place the new pieces where desired with super glue.

The key is (1) fixing as small blemishes arise and (2) soaking the replacement pieces before adhering them to the furniture piece.

Good quality rattan furniture will last well into the 10 year range even if used outdoors. This material is great with water and UV conditions and general use making it a popular choice.

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