Rattan: It’s made for Summer

Are you tired of replacing your outdoor furniture every single year? When you invest in Auden and Avery outdoor rattan pieces that cycle stop! It’s not a new concept that modern rattan furniture and décor is the top choice to adorn front porches, patios and pool areas; but do you know why rattan is literally made for Summer, especially our warm Lowcountry summer seasons?


Aside from being chic and stylish our Auden and Avery outdoor rattan pieces are some of the most durable materials of outdoor furniture you can purchase. It easily withstands freezing temps as well has extreme heat and humidity without damage, altercations or change in quality.


When you purchase outdoor furniture from Auden and Avery that is made with modern synthetic rattan you don’t have to worry about moving it inside or covering your pieces due to extreme changes in temperature or weather making it the ideal option for any climate. Most rattan is even UV resistant making it the perfect match for the Charleston sunshine. Rattan will not fade or split when left outside in the heat and sun. Modern outdoor made rattan is also water resistant making it a no brainer investment for those in the Lowcountry where pop up showers are a plenty.

All of Auden and Avery’s rattan furniture is also light weight, easy to move around and, most importantly, comfortable.

Looking to invest in outdoor furniture this season that won’t look aged by September? You’ve found it. Auden and Avery offers affordable options that match luxury rattan pieces without sacrificing any quality. 

No more replacing your garden furniture every year- hallelujah!
It’s time to start shopping!