Lets Be Transparent: Rattan is on Trend

When you think about spring trends often a color palette is the first pop of the season but we are taking things a different direction: transparency. This spring we are taking a shift towards airy and transparent. Gone are the days of oversized fully upholstered outdoor furniture sets. 

The transparency created by rattan fosters a harmonious connection between the furniture and its natural surroundings, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of outdoor spaces. This trend aligns with the desire to create an inviting and seamlessly integrated outdoor environment that prioritizes both style and functionality. Embracing rattan pieces not only introduces an element of luxury but also offers versatility in design.

Auden + Avery Single Rattan Swing

Since the pandemic more and more people are investing their money towards their outdoor spaces. Whether it be raised gardens, flower beds or outdoor kitchens these spaces are becoming vastly more popular. When you invest your time and assets into these areas you don't want bulky furniture diminishing the vibe of the space you've created. 

Auden + Avery outdoor rattan furniture embraces the natural space while also providing an ecofriendly, versatile and durable solution to your outdoor needs. Shop online or in our Charleston SC warehouse for all your outdoor space needs this season.