Rattan: Inside Home Decor

Rattan is easily associated with outdoor furniture. It weathers well, is easily cleaned, easily repaired and light weight. It's long been a fad for patios, pools, resorts and outdoor entertaining spaces, but what about for inside your home?

With summer at it's end it's the perfect time to discuss the pros of having rattan furniture pieces inside your home (and not just that vacation home anymore). Aside from the already mentioned benefits of this material the demand for rattan furniture has also sparked a new designer wave of pieces in all forms, types, patterns, weaves and even colors. Homeowners are loving the natural look, eco-friendly creation and versatility of rattan furniture- inside their homes. 

Rattan is widely known for it's durability. As rattan is becoming more and more popular reputable companies, such as those Auden and Avery purchase from, are making rattan perform even better than ever before. This increased performance is contributing to the wider spread use of rattan furniture. 

Our favorite part about using rattan in your home? It's diversity! Contrary to what many may think it doesn't have to be all or nothing. A simple rattan accent chair or table can brighten up a room and add, often, some much needed texture. PLUS the light weight material makes it easy to move around the home when you want to switch up a look. 

Auden and Avery offers a multitude of pieces for your home- inside, outside, main staples, accent items and rattan decor pieces. You can shop online or in person at our Charleston warehouse. Not local? Contact us for delivery and shipment options as well.

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