Auden + Avery: 2024 Outdoor Furniture Trends

In 2024, garden furniture trends continue to evolve, reflecting our increasing desire to spend more time outdoors throughout the year. Here's a glimpse into the colors and latest trends you can expect to see:

1. Natural and Earthy Tones: Garden furniture in natural and earthy tones remains popular in 2024. Shades like olive green, terracotta, sandy beige, and various shades of brown create a harmonious connection with outdoor surroundings. Natural rattan or dyed rattan makes perfect choice for the chic natural look.

2. Sustainable Materials: As sustainability continues to become more important, outdoor patio and garden furniture made from eco-friendly and recycled materials is gaining prominence. Expect to see furniture crafted from recycled plastic, reclaimed wood, and sustainable rattan.

Auden + Avery Rattan Swing

3. Versatility and Multi-functionality: Multi-functional furniture pieces are becoming increasingly popular. Designs that can serve multiple purposes, such as benches with built-in storage or dining sets that convert into loungers, offer practical solutions for smaller outdoor spaces as well as multi seasonal indoor/outdoor options.

4. Comfort and Coziness: Comfort is a top priority for outdoor furniture in 2024. Plush cushions, ergonomic designs, and cozy seating arrangements make outdoor spaces inviting and conducive to relaxation and socializing. With Auden and Avery rattan furniture you can customize your looks with various pillows and cushions making it fit your unique aesthetic and comfort level. 

5. Innovative Lighting: Lighting plays a crucial role in enhancing the ambiance of outdoor spaces. In 2024, expect to see innovative lighting solutions incorporated into garden furniture designs, such as LED-integrated tables, solar-powered lanterns, and string lights.

6. Modular and Customizable Designs: Modular furniture allows for greater flexibility in arranging outdoor spaces according to personal preferences and needs. Customizable pieces that can be easily reconfigured offer versatility and adaptability to changing outdoor environments.

7. Weather-resistant Materials: With the growing trend of year-round outdoor living, garden furniture that can withstand various weather conditions is essential. Look for materials such as weather-resistant rattan, powder-coated aluminum, and UV-resistant fabrics that ensure durability and longevity.

Auden + Avery Rattan Bench

Overall, the garden furniture trends of 2024 reflect a commitment to sustainability, comfort, and versatility, allowing individuals to create inviting outdoor spaces that can be enjoyed throughout the year. Check out our selection of outdoor pieces online or make an appointment to stop by our Charleston, SC warehouse. Shipping is offered- just send us a message and we can arrange shipping costs.